Rules & Regulations

College Uniform Rules:

a. Boys: White Shirt & Black Pant & Black Shoe.
b. Girls: White blouse, white mekhela and chadar with deep blue border or white churidar with blue dopatta.
c. Subject to contribution of nominal fees by the student's neck tie may be introduced.

Hostel accommodation may be provided subject to enrolment of minimum ten borders.

Campus Rule:
a. Students coming without dress shall be liable for punishment either by a fine of Rs. 100/- per day or be expelled from the class.
b. Students spitting here and there, throwing Gutka or Pan Masala wrappers etc. or misbehaving with the staff, teachers etc. shall remain liable for a fine of Rs. 100 or be expelled.

Contact with Guardians:
The guardians are regularly keep informed of the academic progress, class attendance and conduct of their wards at the close of the academic session through progress reports and personal contact as and when required.

Students Attendance & Assessment
The college is keen to take students class attendance strictly into account for their promotion, academic awards, character certificates, Rly./Air Concessions and scholarship.
The assessment criteria are as here under:
  i)    75% and above                 = Regular
  ii)   Between 60% to 74%     = Non-collegiate
  iii)  Below 60%                         = Dis-collegiate

Dis-collegiate students are not permitted to sit for any Final Examinations. Every non-collegiate student has to pay a fine of Rs. 500/- as non-collegiate fee or they may be asked to invite their parents to met the academic committee.

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